Bounce Emails Back To Sender

Tired of getting emails from an ex, friend or others you know? Bounce the email back to them using "Fuku Mail".

"Fuku Mail" sends imitation bounced emails that make your email address look dead.

"Fuku Mail" won't stop spam and won't work if the sender is using a fake email address.

You can also use "Fuku Mail" to bounce emails back to friends for fun!

How To Bounce Emails

Step 1

To bounce an email, forward the email to:

Step 2

Fuku MailWithin 1 minute, we will send you an email.

Delays may happen if your email provider doesn't immediately send emails.

Check your inbox or spam folder.

Step 3

In the email we send you, there will be a link. Click the link.

Then confirm that you want us to bounce the email.

You have 7 days to click the link.


"Fuku Mail" is 100% free to use. If you like "Fuku Mail", please consider a small donation.

To increase your donation amount, simply change the quantities after clicking the button.

$1.50 USD


Total number of bounced emails sent since June 19, 2017:


Friendly Reminders

After you bounce an email, the sender may try to contact you again.

You must bounce each new email until they finally stop emailing you.

If the email you forward to "Fuku Mail" is returned, it means you used an incorrect email address.

After you forward an email to "Fuku Mail", check your inbox or spam box for our confirmation email.


Within all bounced emails, we provide a link that explains why the email was bounced.

If a person clicks the link, we will know with 100% certainty, that they received your bounced email.

To view your results, enter your email address. We will then send you a tracking link by email.

Report Bugs

If a bounced email is sent to you instead of the intended recipient, please email us so we can fix the bug.

Reporting bugs helps us improve our service.

Support only available in English.

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Privacy Policy

We do not read any forwarded emails that are sent to us. We do not sell email addresses. We will not send you spam. We do not use cookies. We do not use Google Analytics.

All forwarded emails sent to us are deleted in 1 week or less.

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